Hello. My name is Lisa and I help busy designers.

I’m a graphic artist in New York’s Hudson Valley.
I can help you accomplish more with less stress.
Too busy and need to offload parts of your project? Trust me to further your goals with quality, efficiency and attentiveness to detail.
I’d love to help you with…
  • Turning your layouts into reliably preflighted, print- and web-ready files
  • Resizing and reformatting your designs while maintaining visual consistency
  • Creating collateral material that adheres to corporate guidelines
  • Developing master pages, style sheets and templates in Indesign, Illustrator, Powerpoint and Photoshop
  • Retouching problematic photography, color-correcting, compositing and special effects
  • Vector art

I have over a 12 years of ad agency experience in layout, image enhancement and print production file prep. I love collaborating with marketers, designers, photographers and architects to develop strong visuals that communicate effectively.
(Mac OS, Adobe CC, Powerpoint, Wacom tablet, Giclee printer)

Have questions or need more info? Contact me!

PRODUCTION samples. Click to enlarge.


DESIGN samples. Click to enlarge.


RETOUCHING samples. Click to enlarge.


VECTOR samples. Click to enlarge.